Rockabye Mommy

A new concept catering to expectant mothers and becoming the leading authority in children's room interiors.

Stephanie Avila

Designing children's rooms is as fun as it sounds and I am so happy to share my design expertise with you and to help bring your dream room to life! After 10 years of designing model homes and working with residential clients, I had the opportunity to start a business in which I had no idea would be so fun and rewarding. Specializing in creating chic spaces for pampered babies and children, Rockabye Mommy is your go-to design service for the ultimate kids room.

My goal is to create a whimsical and safe environment for your child to play, sleep and grow. There is a plethora of options out there and I know how overwhelming this process can be. Whether you are in need of a little over the phone guidance, require a more detailed e-design or would love a full service design package, I'm here to help. 



Featured in People Magazine's Nursery Trends of 2013