6 Nursery Wall Decor Ideas

1. Hand Painted: Wall Murals add an incredible amount of character to any space and allow you to go simple with the rest of the elements in the room. These gorgeous hand-painted peonies would be the ‘it’ factor in your little girl’s nursery.

2. Mural: Another hand-painted mural idea but for the modern boy. An urban skyline in monochromatic tones pumps up the theme in this room by Annie Wise.

3. Solid Color: Skip a 3 shade color palette and go bold with one color!

4. Print: Wallpaper comes in thousands of options now-a-days and you can’t go wrong with print. Make it even more personal by screen printing your own pattern or image and applying it to your wall. If you love sequins, check out this amazing sequins wallpaper!

5. Framed Lullabies: An original touch, your favorite lullabies will hang on the walls of your nursery and hopefully become your baby-to-be’s favorite as well. Finish them off with custom framing and matting. 

6. Quote it: Choosing your favorite quote or creating a personal message to your little one makes this idea personal and unique.