8 New Years Eve Party Ideas With Kids

1. Make party hats: Arts and Crafts are always fun for kids so set up a craft table and have them decorate their own NYE hat! They can be painted, colored and even embellished with feathers, gems, stickers etc.

2. Make Noisemakers: Since your craft table is already set up, add another activity and make noisemakers. This shiny, noisy NYE craft is great fun and will make the kids feel like part of the celebration. Fold an aluminum plate in half and fill with anything that rattles such as popcorn kernals, dry beans, coins etc. Place a large craft stick in the middle to use as the handle and tape the plate closed. You can also tape ribbon around the plate and tie bells at the ends for double the racket. We sure hope you’re good friends with your neighbors. ;)

3. Balloon Drop: Such a fun idea and super easy to DIY. Fill a large drawstring trash bag with balloons and hang upside down from your ceiling. Undo the drawstring at midnight (or set an earlier time for younger kids) and let the balloons shower down on the kids.

4. Confetti Balloons: Another balloon themed idea, and an easy project. Use a funnel to fill the balloons with confetti and have the kids pop them at midnight.

5. Sparkling Cider Toast: Cheers to the New Year with a sparkling cider toast, they will feel so grown up. Even milk and cookies will do the trick! 

6. Set your alarms: Have fun with the kids making sure that all clocks, alarms and cell phones are set to go off at midnight.

7. Host a Sleepover: This is fun for kids who get to stay up til midnight. Plan celebration activities and watch the ball drop. Kids love the excitement!

8. Re-Cap the year: Create a worksheet that the kids fill out about their favorite things and what they are thankful for throughout the year. A keepsake that you and your kids can look back on for years to come.

However you decide to ring in the New Year, I hope that you have a safe and fun-filled New Year’s Eve with your family and best wishes for 2013!