Restoration Hardware Baby & Child Opens Doors In Santa Monica

Ashley and I were so excited about the opening of the Restoration Hardware Baby & Child store in Santa Monica that we made a trip down there to see it in person! It’s gorgeous! Completely on another level. We were oohing and ahhing the whole way through, it’s like a miniature wonderland. The visual merchandisers must have had a great ole time working on this showroom. If you think the merchandise is beautiful in their catalog, wait til you see it in person! We’ve done the leg work for you and it is definitely worth the trip! We had to see the gold crown for drapery canopy in person because it looks huge in the catalog. We debated about this for hours and finally decided to just order it. What a great decision that was, because it looked beautiful in the nursery for Backstreet girl Ava Jaymes! Our only complaint about the Santa Monica showroom is that they don’t carry any inventory. Everything still has to be ordered online. Bummer…especially since we thought we were going to leave with bags of goodies. wahh wahh :/