Bringing the Pram back!

Pram-n (Brit) US and Canadian term for baby carriageA four-wheeled carriage for a baby is the exact definition of the Pram. However, it does not state how beautiful and stylized these carriages can be! After seeing the Inglesina Classica Pram in person at Petit Tresor, I fell in love with it. The refined details are gorgeous and would definitely draw some attention as you take your little bundle of joy out for a walk. Top quality and style? Yes! But in some ways may be more of a pain functionality wise. They do not fold up which would make some trips a nightmare, ie: Disneyland…oh boy. After looking further into the Pram, I found myself hours later, on vintage carriage websites with a new obsession for the pram. The look of vintage Prams is so classic and refined. I love the family photo out for a walk, it looks like a high fashion magazine ad. (Just wondering how she managed to lose all the baby weight and slip into that body hugging fur lined coat. hmm) Madonna used the Inglesina Classica pram in her “Give me all your luvin’” music video, so it has to be the “it” stroller right?? Silver Cross has been making baby strollers since 1877 in England. To this day, their baby prams in their Heritage Collection are still handmade in Yorkshire, from the original designs.Weighing in at a mere 80 lbs…yikes! Told ya these aren’t for Disneyland. I realize this type of stroller may not be for everyone. It’s more of a family heirloom piece to be admired and remembered for generations. With a price tag from $1398 – $3995, you better hope it gets passed down! Tell us your thoughts, would you buy a pram?