Featured Blog: The Guilt Free Parent

I had the pleasure of meeting Shannon Teguh, creator and editor of The Guilt Free Parent blog a few weeks ago at the Club MomMe Family Spring Fest event. Shannon has such a bubbly personality and I enjoyed chatting with her about her experiences as a full time nanny. It’s through her experience in working with children and in the homes of families that she decided to share her tips and tricks for managing a hectic life! WOo hoO ThAnK YoU Shannon! (I hear the voices of moms every where exclaim with excitement!)  I personally have had so many friends talking about their struggles in balancing their family, career and social life, so when I took a peek through The Guilt Free Parent, I knew that I had to share this blog with every one of you! The Guilt Free Parentcomes from a place of experience, from someone who understands your daily struggles, challenges and even the many successes that come from the daily life as a housewife, stay at home mom or a nanny. Shannon spent seven years in many homes, seeing what day to day life is like in a household with children.  Along the way she has learned lots of different ways to manage time and keep things running smoothly, while making sure the children are feeling like they are getting the attention they need. There are only so many hours in the day, and Shannon shares her best tips on how to get the most out of the time that you do have. The GuiltFreeParent.com is a great place to find quick & easy ideas for making everyday life as a parent a little less hectic.  By becoming more organized you’ll be freed up to feel more connected with your family, and feel less guilty when you have to focus on your to-do list.  If you need help getting more out of your day, or need someone to tackle some of those home organization projects for you, it’s a wonderful resource to find suggestions & support. I encourage you to sign up for the weekly email so you can get caught up with the latest on the site, receive hand picked ideas from Pinterest & Twitter, and access videos that walk you step-by-step through various time saving projects!  In her most recent post, “Change the way you introduce yourself & gain self confidence”, I love how her words are empowering to women and moms who may be downplaying or minimizing what they do and who they are. Her posts are not only full of great tips and advice, her words of encouragement are helpful in allowing you to gain your self confidence and peace of mind in your daily role as mom and helps to keep you on the right track to a more balanced life. If you’re interested in working with Shannon one on one, check out her services page here.