The Elf off the Shelf

Everyone knows about the Elf on the Shelf, a little smiley elf doll that mom’s and dad’s hope keep their children in line during the Holidays. He keeps his eye on the kids in your home and reports his findings back to Santa, that way Santa knows if you’ve been naughty or nice. But do you know about the Elf off the shelf?? A new book about the infamous Elf, a holiday parody for mom and dad, sure to make you laugh. The book follows Horace’s adventures at night in his family’s house including “wooing” Barbie. :) If you’ve never read the book, here are a few excerpts below:

“On my very first day out of the box you must find me a name that totally rocks. What will it be? Something awesomely rad? Like E. Diddy, Elf: The Naughty Hunter, or Brad? Whichever you pick I hope it’s cool. There’s nothing worse than looking like a tool.”

“So I’ve left it in your hands and what did you decide? Horace the elf? Are you serious? I could cry. A travesty. A tragedy. A complete and major bomb. This is not what I was thinking when I came home with your mom.”

AND we couldn’t help but add a few great ideas for Elf on the Shelf placement. These parents had some fun with this little holiday tradition and made us laugh! Send us your Elf photos and we’ll share with everyone!