5 minute beauty routine

New mom beauty routine in less than 5 minutes

New mommy beauty helpers

If you are a new mom, have ever been yourself or around one, you know what “no time for myself” REALLY means. You had your baby shower where everyone gave you love, support and advice about the baby and a row of never ending ” oh, your life will change forever!”, but you don’t really get it until your baby arrives and you are standing in front of the mirror looking at the reflection of someone who is SURELY NOT you. I remember only too well staring at a not-so-hot of a mess in the mirror wondering WHAT has happened to my world that has gone crazy and how could that possibly be connected to that absolutely kissable and loveable bundle that melted my heart and had me wrapped around his finger within first 0.00001 of a second after the grand entrance into this world.

The reality is that you are spending 90% of your time feeding ( and it really is not much different whether you bottle feed or breastfeed, babies need to eat, and they eat often), changing, rocking, TRYING to get a second of some rest for yourself ( because you are on 24 hour duty now). No matter how much help you get, there is no one that can substitute for “mommy” ( and your hormones will support my words) – you will still be putting in over-hours regularly. You world has definitely changed, but YOUR life hasn’t ended. It took me a little bit to figure out, but – just as many others – I found that it is very important for ME to feel my old, usual self. To still be a lover and a woman first, and have motherhood ADD more beauty to my life instead of taking away from it. And here is what I came up with for myself through some trial, errors and experience.
1 & 2 : Lips and cheeks.

No matter how tired I am, a little color on my lips and cheekbones does miracles to my complexion, masking my battleship with sleepless nights in just a few strokes. I grew to love a Bobbi Brown line because of gentle ingredients yet great staying power – don’t want to have that lipstick smeared all over, or having to have to touch up every 2 minutes.

3. Nails

If you haven’t tried it yet, give a gel manicure a go! I have invested in a kit last year, and it has been one of the best beauty purchases for me so far. Chip free manicure that lasts 3+ weeks?! Yes, please! There are more reasons here as to why I personally love it and think that it is totally worth a try. With bright red lipstick and polished manicure I feel my confident old self even in my  faithful rugged jeans and white tank ( with spit up on it, most likely. new mommy “bonus”, you know).

4. Hair

Let’s be honest – it’s unlikely you’ll have 1/10 of your usual beauty routine time as a new mom. But a great looking hair is just as possible with some help of accessories and … Pinterest! Just look around at some beauty/hair boards  – the ideas are endless. Worse come to worse – invest in a few cute headwraps and ties, and you WILL feel better, I promise.

5. Skin

Now that the pregnancy is over, your hormones are on a roller coaster ride again. It can be tough on the skin. Protect and nourish as much as you can. I love, love, love L’Occitane lines for care and sun protection. It takes absolutely no time, it’s natural, and it is no secret that beautiful and nourished skin will do more for your appearance then 20 other beauty products.

Last but not least – DO take the time for yourself, even if it is 5 minutes only. A happy mom equals a happy family.