boho room decor

Bohemian Chic Kids Rooms

What I love about bohemian chic style is that anything goes. It’s kind of like, world traveler meets camper meets exotic decor. As random as that sounds, the eclectic combination of thrifted pieces creates a relaxed yet playful vibe. I prefer a cleaner boho look versus a heavily collected messy look that comes to mind. This look is easy to replicate with the use of bright, funky patterned fabrics layered with vintage furniture and art with an ethnic flair. And I hope you like lots of pillows because more is more when it comes to boho chic. Try adding pillows with pom pom trim, embroidery, stitching and dreamer quotes. I’m a big fan of adding texture to all rooms and this completely applies to boho chic. Make sure to add natural wood tones, fur, leather and plants! To take it to the next level, add a peacock chair or a swing with brightly colored rope. Nothing says I’m a free spiritmore than having a swing in your room, right? I’d describe these rooms as whimsical and fun. Everything is a bit mix matched but it all still fits perfectly together. To achieve this look you really just have to have fun with it. It’s a very collected style so it will take some time and layering to get it just right. You’ll find inspiration when you least expect it and the room will grow and evolve over time. A few of my favorite places to shop for this look are the flea market, Cost Plus and Anthropologie. You’re sure to hit the jackpot if you visit any of these places!