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The Best Hanging Chairs for Kids Rooms

For as long as I can remember, I have had the hangingbubble chair on my wish list and I think I’m coming pretty close to making this a reality. Well…sort of. My newest lil’ adorable client wants a super special chair in his room and I’m thinking that this is my chance to see this beauty in action! Such selfish reasons I know, but I really want to sit in it and enjoy for a while!! I mean, it IS a pretty darn cool chair and I’m pretty sure his newly designed room will be the talk of the block. Of course I’m giving him a few options and not just giving a lengthy speech on the awesomeness that the bubble chair possesses. SO…I’ve narrowed it down to these three super chill, kid friendly, designer approved hanging chairs. I have to admit, that any of these would be a great choice. What do you think?? 1, 2, OR 3? You already know my fave ;)