gifts for him

Last minute gifts for HIM

Last minute gifts for him

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and while I have many friends that have planned the celebration months in advance, I also know just as many that are just like myself , often scrambling for ideas at the last minute for my favorite man.

So, if we are in the same boat, let me share a few things from now and the past that made some good impressions in our corner of the Earth:

1. Go all rock-star.

I promise, regardless of whether you are into vintage or modern styles, your guy will appreciate his favorite ( or newest!) album on the record and a trendy record player. Throw in a themed wall clock, and he will have his happy corner for guys’ night and think of you every minute of it ( added bonus, right?!)

3. Nail it to his desk.

Make him ( and his co-workers and clients ) smile with this organizer. He’ll have no problem hitting it off with business associates  with Fred Conlon’s quirky, spring-loaded desk accessory that brings more than fun to the table: each piece is handmade out of recycled steel and salvaged tool parts. And the best part? It works! A guaranteed strike of a conversation every time he hands out business cards or lends a pen – he’ll thank you for his loaded with fun days!

4. Crash it in style.

Not a record player type of a guy? No problem! Let him listen to his favorite tunes with the Crasher Portable Bluetooth Speaker in style. Not only will he not miss a beat, but there is an added bonus in crasher doubling up as a speaker phone for his conference calls. Oh, and it can boost his IPhone power too!

5. Love notes.

While not the MOST original idea out there, but one of the most prized possessions my husband has is the personalized key chain that I have given him YEARS back. Simple and easy, yet it is something that he keeps in his hand every day and says that he loves it. Add a fun case to go with it, and he will enjoy it double.

2. The TRUE gift of love.

Our of order and last but not least, a simple fact of ENJOYING the day together may be more valuable then anything else you can do and plan. Head on over here and print some “happy father’s day” lunch bags, pack his favorites and put your precious cargo in the carrier that men love best (and strap it on him, naturally, too!) , and lose yourself in a jungle for a day, even if it is just a quiet corner of your local park with all of you together. After all, he is qualified to celebrate the Father’s Day because of that little someone that , most likely, is photo-bombing every picture you are trying to take of just the two of you and climbs on your lap just as you thought there could be second a stolen romantic kiss.

But most importantly – whatever you do :