hospital bag musts

Hospital Bag Must Have items

hospital bag musts

You wait 9 months for THAT moment to hold your little miracle in your arms but when the time comes, what’s in your hospital bag?

First time we headed for the hospital , I packed a suitcase worth of a month’s stay of “just-in-case necessities” but somehow ended up without the most important and/or practical things.

So, from my experience , here are the things that I found to matter most :

1. What you are wearing while at the hospital.

There are 1001 things that you can get, but the most important part is that it needs to be comfortable, practical and… CUTE. Believe me, although you will be in 7th heaven holding your little gem close to your chest, that hospital gown may not be the most picture worthy/memory making thing, and gorgeous night gowns and/or cute tees are just not very practical. But a cute shirt-dress will serve the purpose and is as comfortable as it gets. (choose either a stay-in version or an all-around one )

2. Nursing access

Whether you are planning on breastfeeding or not, your milk will come in and it will cause some discomfort and leakage, so ensure an easy access to your girls. Whoever invented the nursing tanks was a genius , and yummy tummy took it 10 steps forward taking care of several things at once: gives you support, easy access and helps to slim the midsection, making you feel like a $1,000,000 babe.

5. Diastasis Recti

May sound like a foreign language to you right now, but many women that have given birth will tell you about mourning tears for her *** inch waist even though she is 10lbs lighter now than before pregnancy. The “evil” mommy-tummy rumors go right along with it, especially if the delivery was a Cesarian. Some cultures practice abdominal binding for after birth with great results. But you don’t have to go all “ancient” and hippie to reap the benefits. There are many options for a modern woman right now – from belly bandid to simply shapewear. My favorite is Bellefit. Make sure to pack one and put it on as soon as possible, and watch your friends amused faces as you strut confidently out of the hospital looking like a visitor, rather than a new mom.

3,4 Beauty part

It may not seem very important right now, but believe me, it is. Postpartum is a tricky time. Everyone prepares you for pregnancy, birth, but hardly anyone touches up on, what I personally think, is the most challenging part – after birth recovery. You have to deal with just as many hormones, body changes etc, as you had during your entire pregnancy, except in 1/9 ( literally ) of the time AND with a newborn on you ( read : no sleep whatsoever for about a month). No wonder that baby blues are a common visitor for new moms. Feeling good about yourself is very important at this very fragile time. Throw a postpartum recovery gel into your hospital bag and pack your favorite beauty products into a cute , bright travel bag, and take – even if just 15 minutes – your personal time-out. I promise, you feeling good about yourself will bring you more benefits than 100 nannies.

6. A notebook or diary.

May seem like an obvious, but … I forgot one the first time! There are many options for cute baby books nowadays ( and it is definitely worth making one for your baby!), but I loved having a simple notebook to write my own thoughts and feelings right after the birth. Just for me. Only for my eyes. Years later, I come back to those pages and re-live the moments over and over. These notebooks are cute and eco-friendly!

7, 8, 9

And of course, the most important part – the homecoming outfit for your little one!

People will tell you to stock up on larger sizes, because babies grow so fast, to not waste money on something that your little one will wear once or twice, etc, etc… I will say this: I think it is totally worth getting a newborn, cute, and – yes – completely impractical, but extremely necessary outfit. Whether 6lbs or almost 9lbs, your treasure will be TINY, extremely delicate and ridiculously cute. You bring your baby home for the first time only once – do make memories out of it, even IF this will be the one and only time your little one wears those clothes. Get something that is soft, and beautiful, and don’t forget a hat and a blanket ( newborns do really need them) and pack everything into your very stylish weekender – and you are set to go!