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How to add personalized photography to your kids room

I came across photos of this really cool boys room decorated a few years ago by their mama, and blogger of Under the Sycamore Ashley Ann. I love that she took what her three boys wanted in their room (Orange, planes, and nothing girly!) and created a unique well crafted look. What I love most is the way she added personalized art and photos to the kids room. Did you notice the ridiculously cute family portrait painting on the shelf? The painting was done by their biggest brother and is a family portrait. How adorable did it turn out?! And what a fun project to do with your children! Another cute display idea is the photos on the clipboards. Big brother got to select the photos that go on these and it’s so sweet that he chose a photo of his baby sister. A very unique way to display photos or anything else that your kids love and feel is display worthy. And when your kids ask to tape their favorite cutouts to the wall, what do you do? You create a banner of course! I love the compromise on this idea. Biggest Brother wanted to tape Lego Star Wars characters on the wall so mama compromised by making a little paper banner with his cutouts and it is SO cute! I think it is so important to display artwork created by your little Picasso’s because it helps promote their creativity and the proud look on their lil faces when their own artwork is on the wall is so priceless. You can combine your kids personalized artwork with framed wall art purchased from The Land of Nod, for example, and the combination of both will be enough to fill the walls and add some whimsy to the room. Do you have any great ideas on how to add personalized artwork and photos to your kids room? Don’t keep your secrets to yourself, let me know and I’ll use in a future post!

All About That Neon

Bringing those 80′s brights into your kids room might sound a little crazy but there are a million great products out there that will help bring neon into your room decor in a modern fashion. One of my all time favorite girls rooms is this one for Laura Garcia’s daughter Georgiana. An oversize neon pink Elizabeth Taylor print? It’s perfect and so glam! Just the perfect amount of neon against the subdued grey walls adds a burst of color without being overwhelming. I’ve gathered a few other rooms to bring you some neon inspiration. Hot pink lockers as storage is a cool look to hide all those toys and is an unexpected furniture idea. I can’t get enough of hot pink stripes! I’ve done this more than once in a girls room and trust me, I’ll do it again! #sohaute. My curated board of neon decor ideas includes #3 Animal wall hook which is a fun DIY project. You can take your childs’ old dinosaurs or animal toys, spray paint them and use as a wall hook as shown here. #4 crib by Kalon Studios, #6 lime green and gold pillow by Sukan, and #7 milk crates from Land of Nod. If you have a neon color scheme in your kids room, send me photos for a chance to be featured in an upcoming post!

10 Superhero bedroom ideas

Superhero’s are always a boy’s favorite which means you can never go wrong with this theme when decorating their room. And for any little Wonder Women out there, you can have your superhero dream room too! Imagine how excited your child will be to walk into a room like this! A great DIY and fun project is to stencil a cityscape onto one of the walls and add a superhero decal on top of it to create a mural that looks like it came straight from a comic book. My personal favorite is combining the classic comic book and superhero vibrant colors while still capturing the superhero drama with subdued hues. A cleaner look while keeping the room more transitional so you or your child won’t get tired of it over time. For example, keeping the walls white with one major wall plastered with a floor to ceiling mural and a super cool area rug. That’ll score some major mommy points! Or, white walls and hanging vibrant comic book art, which is easy to change out for a quick re-design. Take an inspirational cue from any of these room ideas I’ve curated and create your own version of a super-fantastic bedroom!

Trending Now: Letter Decor

If you don’t already have your child’s initial on the wall of their room, I’d start thinking of incorporating it because this trend is spreading like wildfire and there’s no stopping it. Wall letters are not a “new” thing by any means, they’ve been around forever but lately I’m seeing it in different forms. From the OG wood letter, to marquee light letters, overscale murals, wall decals, framed art, bookcases….it’s basically boarded a crazy train... And I like it! I think it’s such an important feature, and by important I mean “decoratively important”, because it adds that personalized element to the room. I was researching a completely different topic the other day and realized that there were two personalization examples within that post as well. You have to check out this clever globe in a kids room that an initial was painted on, it’s really cool. I remember (and still have) the wood name plate that was in my room circa 1987. Yep, all 9 letters of my name carved in wood. That was as personalized as it got back then. If anyone had suggested to plaster my initial “S” onto my wall from floor to ceiling, it would have sounded like an indulgent over-the-top idea. Fast forward to 2014 and if you don’t have your child’s initial in the room at 9′ tall then you’d better hop back on the cool train with the rest of ‘em or risk criticism (gasp) at your next mommy and me play date in the park. Well, maybe not that critical but if you are thinking of redecorating your kids room or are currently planning your nursery to-be, I hope these ideas will spark some letter decor inspiration for you!

Bohemian Chic Kids Rooms

What I love about bohemian chic style is that anything goes. It’s kind of like, world traveler meets camper meets exotic decor. As random as that sounds, the eclectic combination of thrifted pieces creates a relaxed yet playful vibe. I prefer a cleaner boho look versus a heavily collected messy look that comes to mind. This look is easy to replicate with the use of bright, funky patterned fabrics layered with vintage furniture and art with an ethnic flair. And I hope you like lots of pillows because more is more when it comes to boho chic. Try adding pillows with pom pom trim, embroidery, stitching and dreamer quotes. I’m a big fan of adding texture to all rooms and this completely applies to boho chic. Make sure to add natural wood tones, fur, leather and plants! To take it to the next level, add a peacock chair or a swing with brightly colored rope. Nothing says I’m a free spiritmore than having a swing in your room, right? I’d describe these rooms as whimsical and fun. Everything is a bit mix matched but it all still fits perfectly together. To achieve this look you really just have to have fun with it. It’s a very collected style so it will take some time and layering to get it just right. You’ll find inspiration when you least expect it and the room will grow and evolve over time. A few of my favorite places to shop for this look are the flea market, Cost Plus and Anthropologie. You’re sure to hit the jackpot if you visit any of these places!