kids room design ideas

All About That Neon

Bringing those 80′s brights into your kids room might sound a little crazy but there are a million great products out there that will help bring neon into your room decor in a modern fashion. One of my all time favorite girls rooms is this one for Laura Garcia’s daughter Georgiana. An oversize neon pink Elizabeth Taylor print? It’s perfect and so glam! Just the perfect amount of neon against the subdued grey walls adds a burst of color without being overwhelming. I’ve gathered a few other rooms to bring you some neon inspiration. Hot pink lockers as storage is a cool look to hide all those toys and is an unexpected furniture idea. I can’t get enough of hot pink stripes! I’ve done this more than once in a girls room and trust me, I’ll do it again! #sohaute. My curated board of neon decor ideas includes #3 Animal wall hook which is a fun DIY project. You can take your childs’ old dinosaurs or animal toys, spray paint them and use as a wall hook as shown here. #4 crib by Kalon Studios, #6 lime green and gold pillow by Sukan, and #7 milk crates from Land of Nod. If you have a neon color scheme in your kids room, send me photos for a chance to be featured in an upcoming post!

Primary Color kids rooms that I love

Primary colors have always reminded me of elementary school. Why? Because everything in those classrooms from the carpet to the chairs, walls and posters are in primary colors! Or the Circus. Yep, definitely reminds me of that one time I sat front and center at Barnum & Bailey (that one time). My first instinct is to run for the hills when someone tells me they want to use red yellow and blue together in their kids room UNTIL I came across these RYB beauties! I much prefer uniquely colored kids rooms like the ones here, so I was very surprised when I came across a few rooms that I really liked using primary colorsas the color palette. I think what I like about these rooms is that the interiors are so well designed and there are so many layers that RYB isn’t such a slamming statement. Don’t get me wrong, it’s super clear that RYB is used consistently throughout however, the elements, details and features take center stage. Take the rope cord bookcase for example. Your eye focuses on the creativity of that DIY bookcase and reminds you that the creative possibilities are endless! I’m also realizing that adding black really makes these colors look more modern than Jackson Pollack-ish. Like the black chalkboard wall in Mason & Penelope’s playroom. This playroom is so fabulously RYB and I love it. The magnetic car art….I mean, C’MON how adorable and creative is that!?! A total work of art. I love these playrooms and yes, they’re decorated with nothing but my least favorite RYB. So I humbly step back and re-consider my stance on this primary color topic. You might see a nursery room pulled out from under my sleeve soon just so that I can take a stab at making this work! I’ll keep you posted ;)

10 Superhero bedroom ideas

Superhero’s are always a boy’s favorite which means you can never go wrong with this theme when decorating their room. And for any little Wonder Women out there, you can have your superhero dream room too! Imagine how excited your child will be to walk into a room like this! A great DIY and fun project is to stencil a cityscape onto one of the walls and add a superhero decal on top of it to create a mural that looks like it came straight from a comic book. My personal favorite is combining the classic comic book and superhero vibrant colors while still capturing the superhero drama with subdued hues. A cleaner look while keeping the room more transitional so you or your child won’t get tired of it over time. For example, keeping the walls white with one major wall plastered with a floor to ceiling mural and a super cool area rug. That’ll score some major mommy points! Or, white walls and hanging vibrant comic book art, which is easy to change out for a quick re-design. Take an inspirational cue from any of these room ideas I’ve curated and create your own version of a super-fantastic bedroom!