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Featured Blog: The Guilt Free Parent

I had the pleasure of meeting Shannon Teguh, creator and editor of The Guilt Free Parent blog a few weeks ago at the Club MomMe Family Spring Fest event. Shannon has such a bubbly personality and I enjoyed chatting with her about her experiences as a full time nanny. It’s through her experience in working with children and in the homes of families that she decided to share her tips and tricks for managing a hectic life! WOo hoO ThAnK YoU Shannon! (I hear the voices of moms every where exclaim with excitement!)  I personally have had so many friends talking about their struggles in balancing their family, career and social life, so when I took a peek through The Guilt Free Parent, I knew that I had to share this blog with every one of you! The Guilt Free Parentcomes from a place of experience, from someone who understands your daily struggles, challenges and even the many successes that come from the daily life as a housewife, stay at home mom or a nanny. Shannon spent seven years in many homes, seeing what day to day life is like in a household with children.  Along the way she has learned lots of different ways to manage time and keep things running smoothly, while making sure the children are feeling like they are getting the attention they need. There are only so many hours in the day, and Shannon shares her best tips on how to get the most out of the time that you do have. The is a great place to find quick & easy ideas for making everyday life as a parent a little less hectic.  By becoming more organized you’ll be freed up to feel more connected with your family, and feel less guilty when you have to focus on your to-do list.  If you need help getting more out of your day, or need someone to tackle some of those home organization projects for you, it’s a wonderful resource to find suggestions & support. I encourage you to sign up for the weekly email so you can get caught up with the latest on the site, receive hand picked ideas from Pinterest & Twitter, and access videos that walk you step-by-step through various time saving projects!  In her most recent post, “Change the way you introduce yourself & gain self confidence”, I love how her words are empowering to women and moms who may be downplaying or minimizing what they do and who they are. Her posts are not only full of great tips and advice, her words of encouragement are helpful in allowing you to gain your self confidence and peace of mind in your daily role as mom and helps to keep you on the right track to a more balanced life. If you’re interested in working with Shannon one on one, check out her services page here.

Club Momme Spring Fest

It was a beautiful day on Saturday for Club MomMe’s Spring Fest! With a hotel packed full of the best vendors in the baby and mommy category, guests had a blast and took home a fabulous gift bag with some amazing products! The annual event, hosted by Club MomMe is great for parents, expectant parents and families with young children who will spend the day learning from the most popular speakers and amazing panels designed just for you and your family. Dr. Harvey Karp was on hand with a panel discussion on the best of baby & toddler products. Not only did guests get to enjoy these incredible speakers, they also were treated to manicures from Ella + Mila in the pamper lounge! Out on the deck and grassy area was a fun activity area for the kids to enjoy along with product testing from brands such as BritaxOrbit BabyErgo BabyJoovy and many more! Celebs in attendance were Stacy Keibler, who looked beautiful in a long gown showing off her baby bump and Lydia McLaughlin from the Real Housewives of Orange County, looking gorgeous as usual and enjoying the pamper lounge. One of the coolest services that was provided to guests with a VIP ticket was the car seat and stroller cleaning by Clean Bee Baby! There’s no way to get away with a clean car seat when you have a little one, so it was such a great treat for Clean Bee Baby to provide cleanings to so many families! I had such a great time setting up the nursery vignette. The incredibly talented Tania Fischer made the gorgeous flower paper backdrop in bright Spring Fest colors. It was definitely a show stopper! I kept the crib and crib bedding neutral with a modern black and white graphic print for the bedding to balance out the bold backdrop. I think it turned out amazing. What do you think? Do you dare to go bold?! Let me know your thoughts and I look forward to seeing you at the next Family Fest!

Transform your kids room with floor to ceiling COLOR

Just say no to neutral floors & ceilings in kids rooms! After all, these are the rooms you can have a color party in and get away with it! I am typically a fan of neutral wall colors and bringing in pops of color through the use of bedding, drapery, artwork or area rugs (post coming soon on achieving this look). But then I’ll come across a room design that is floor to ceiling decorated with vibrant colors and I’m blown away at how magical it can look. There is a fine line in making this work. It can either be worthy of the Elle Decor cover or a complete Rainbow Brite disaster. But don’t let that statement scare you away from going out on the edge and testing your Kelly Wearstler-esque design abilities. Keep in mind that all of your colors should be close to the same intensity so that they combine together nicely and you’ll want to choose a limited color palette of bright colors to keep it from becoming overwhelming. I’d stick with 2 or 3 shades that are vibrant that work together. Color is your friend! Remember that it is so easy to paint over a wall color over time if and when you decide you’re ready for change. Wallpaper is another fabulous option, although more permanent and not easily removable. But if you find the perfect pattern that works with your style then I’d go for it because as you can see from the examples I’m showing here, pattern from floor to ceiling completely transforms the room! Inspiration is your first step, so hopefully you’ll be feeling inspired and ready to go with these floor to ceiling bright rooms that I’ve selected as my favorites! If you’ve decorated a bright room on your own that you’re proud of, please share with us and we may feature you in a follow up post!

TMG Oscar Luxury Lounge 2014

Rockabye Mommy was so honored to be asked to participate in the TMG Pre-Oscar Luxury Lounge that took place on Feb 27, 28 & March 1 at the swanky penthouse suites of the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Three days at the Bev Hilton?? Twist our arms! The luxe event was the place to be for celebs to receive pampering treatments right before the Academy Awards show. With a jewelry lounge for red carpet jewelry pulls and a beauty lounge with massages, facials, hairstyling, eyelash extensions, manicures and self-tanning…whew! It was an entire pampering experience for the exclusive invitation only crowd and we had a blast entertaining them. We were on hand to showcase our fab kids room design services, so we created a nursery vignette with a super cool Babyletto crib and Dwell Studio rocker from Wayfair. To make sure the guests didn’t leave hungry, we created a delicious dessert and candy bar with gluten and oil-free cupcakes made by Mareya Ibrahim of Eat Cleaner. Dot Jones from Glee loved the cake pops and was totally on cue with her jokes, she was so much fun! To tie in our Jungle Jubilee baby shower theme, we asked the uber talented Anne from Hydrangea Bleu to create a giraffe and an elephant animal floral sculpture for the dessert table display and she did an UH-mazing job! The florals were incredible! The icing on the cake for this event was our collaboration with Kitson Los Angeles who sponsored the tote bags we used for all of our swag. Ashley and I put together a swag bag full of our favorite products for mommy and baby…which I’ll highlight in a future post. We made our rounds visiting the other sponsors and I even snuck in on Willie Gault’s massage! I’m sure he didn’t mind the interruption hehe. Overall, it was such a successful event and we had a fabulous time. Thanks so much to TMG International. We can’t wait for next year!

The Best Hanging Chairs for Kids Rooms

For as long as I can remember, I have had the hangingbubble chair on my wish list and I think I’m coming pretty close to making this a reality. Well…sort of. My newest lil’ adorable client wants a super special chair in his room and I’m thinking that this is my chance to see this beauty in action! Such selfish reasons I know, but I really want to sit in it and enjoy for a while!! I mean, it IS a pretty darn cool chair and I’m pretty sure his newly designed room will be the talk of the block. Of course I’m giving him a few options and not just giving a lengthy speech on the awesomeness that the bubble chair possesses. SO…I’ve narrowed it down to these three super chill, kid friendly, designer approved hanging chairs. I have to admit, that any of these would be a great choice. What do you think?? 1, 2, OR 3? You already know my fave ;)