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Meet our new blog contributors

When we started The RM Report a year ago we had a vision of making it one of your go-to resources for mommy and baby tips, ideas and general mommy stuff. I’ve tried to keep the weekly posts coming but it has been really difficult to be consistent and I realized that my lack of knowledge in certain areas, specifically “mommy” topics needed to be filled by someone willing to share their personal experiences with our readers. Ashley and Victoria’s four kids combined, leave them stretching their time, so we decided that it was best to call on some of our favorite mommy bloggers and experts to bring you a consistent blog with multiple voices that you will enjoy and look forward to weekly! We couldn’t be more excited to welcome our new contributors and are so thankful to them for lending their voices to The RM Report! Meet our amazing team:

Sophie Mae - Sophie is a Fashion and Wedding Stylist, specializing in wardrobe and special event styling. She has dedicated her career to teaching women to embrace their own unique sense of style. Her passion for fashion grew while working with Teen Vogue magazine in early 2003. She has also styled for high fashion labels including Christian Dior, Donna Karan, Roberto Cavalli and Versace. You can see Sophie’s style notes in The RM Report once weekly. 

Olya Hill - Olya Hill is the editor of lifestyle blog, Living Notes from NYC where she shares her perspective on style, food and life in general. She is a  professional dancer, a lover of style and fashion, treasurer of all things old, new and beautiful, a health nut, an amateur photographer, mommy and wife. Check back once weekly for her parenting advice and baby product reviews.

Alison McPeck - Alison is a mom with a passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. She is a former division 1 collegiate swimmer, a Certified Personal Trainer, a marathon runner and is completing her Pre/Post Natal Training Certification. Originally from Northern California, she graduated college from the University of Texas and moved to Los Angeles in the Spring of 2005 to start a career working with children. She is excited to share her personal experiences, ideas and tips about fitness and healthy living.