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All About That Neon

Bringing those 80′s brights into your kids room might sound a little crazy but there are a million great products out there that will help bring neon into your room decor in a modern fashion. One of my all time favorite girls rooms is this one for Laura Garcia’s daughter Georgiana. An oversize neon pink Elizabeth Taylor print? It’s perfect and so glam! Just the perfect amount of neon against the subdued grey walls adds a burst of color without being overwhelming. I’ve gathered a few other rooms to bring you some neon inspiration. Hot pink lockers as storage is a cool look to hide all those toys and is an unexpected furniture idea. I can’t get enough of hot pink stripes! I’ve done this more than once in a girls room and trust me, I’ll do it again! #sohaute. My curated board of neon decor ideas includes #3 Animal wall hook which is a fun DIY project. You can take your childs’ old dinosaurs or animal toys, spray paint them and use as a wall hook as shown here. #4 crib by Kalon Studios, #6 lime green and gold pillow by Sukan, and #7 milk crates from Land of Nod. If you have a neon color scheme in your kids room, send me photos for a chance to be featured in an upcoming post!