surprising superfoods

Six surprising superfoods

surprising superfoods

Though pregnancy is not an exception to eating healthfully, it is no secret that some inner instinct kicks in making you give only the best to the little person growing inside. Everyone knows that veggies are “good-for-you”, fruit is a better substitute for candy and good ol’ OJ is your go-to for vitamin C, but did you know of the super-powers behind some of our every day foods?Here are 6 surprising superfoods that are life-savers in pregnancy:

1. Beet Greens
The greens of this root veggie are not only a top source of Vitamin A and Vitamin K, but they are also full of potassium ( leg crams anyone?!) – 655 mg in half a cup.  A true superfood, beet greens are also a great source of Beta Carotene, so don’t miss out  and head over to your local market or Whole Foods , pick up a bunch and cook the greens just as you would collards.

2.  Oranges
You know to drink your OJ for a boost of vitamin C, but did you know that apart from 1001 of other benefits, oranges are an excellent source of potassium as well? Never would have guessed , but oranges come in second on the list for potassium, while all-too-famous bananas don’t even make top 10!

3.  Yogurt
Excellent source of calcium, yogurt is your “happy food” quite literally. It is no secret that beautiful skin, hormones and much of bodily functions depend on the health of your gut, and that is where yogurt is your best friend. Just make sure to look for natural variety and avoid any additives and sugars. The Greek yogurt is my favorite choice and it can always be spruced up by some berries, agave or even honey.

4.  Kiwi
It may be small and not as attractive as some of its colorful brothers, but don’t pass on  kiwi. Kiwi is bursting with folic acid which is very important nutrient required in pregnancy, and ( most likely ) it will not have the same nauseating effect as some of the synthetic folic acid supplements do. Kiwi also facilitates absorption of iron ( thus helping you to prevent anemia) , is rich in dietary fiber and , of course, is a great source of vitamin C.
5.  Dates
Though look shrunken and dry, ripe dates are actually a wholesome and raw food. Dates contain potassium ( yes, again), numerous B vitamins ( which help produce red and white blood cells) , magnesium and iron. Different varieties of the fruit also contain variable amounts of calcium, folate and vitamins A and C, which are all necessary for health and healthy fetal development. So, next time you have a sweet tooth, grab a handful of dates. At about 24 calories each, high in fiber and low in fat, dates will do nothing but good for the body.

6. Clams
Clam serves as a great source of phosphorus ( the nutrient required for proper formation of bones and teeth of the newborns, in addition it also helps the body of a mom-to-be  to utilize vitamins) , are a great source of proteins ( much higher then that of a red meat) , rich source of iron, potassium, vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids among other benefits. Always stay on the safe side and make sure the clams are from a trust-able source and are cooked properly.

The bottom line to health and nutrition in pregnancy is such: don’t skip your vitamin, but do turn to nature over a bottle  for a boost of  “healthy”. Your baby and your body will thank you for it!
Wishing you all a fabulous day and a healthy and happy pregnancy!