Hey all! Thanks for joining me! Welcome to the launch of the new and improved Rockabye Mommy website and first blog post. My name is Stephanie DeBrincat and I’m a nursery and children’s room interior designer. I earned my interior design degree in 2006, never imagining that I would find my niche in kids rooms but here I am! I actually started off working with a model home design firm which I loved, and then transitioned into residential interiors. Since then I have also worked for a production home builder, international design firm, furniture company and today, I am so fortunate to still be able to run Rockabye Mommy while also working for a luxury home builder - Toll Brothers Southern California as a designer.

I want to start out by telling you why I decided to jump back into blogging. I started my first blog called “Design Cocktail” back in 2009, before everyone and their mother had a blog. I wanted to share inspirational interior spaces and also share my own work. I wasn’t well versed in blogging at all and didn’t have a specific focus. I love and appreciate many styles of interior design and was sharing things at random which made it difficult for me to truly hone in on one main topic. After 3 years, I decided that blogging just wasn’t for me. Fast forward to 2012, when a friend and I launched Rockabye Mommy. I started blogging again but still wasn’t consistent or really dedicated to blogging. It’s now been 4 years since my last RM blog post and I’m excited to say that I finally found my focus. With this blog, I’ll be writing about nursery and kids room design and decor, sharing my product recommendations and interviewing inspiring moms and trade partners. And the best part is that I’ll also be sharing my knowledge and tips on how to implement a healthy and safe nursery and home.

For the last three years, I’ve been slowly integrating healthier and safer choices in our own home to rid ourselves of the toxins that are surrounding us everyday. From the kitchen, to body products, makeup and of course my daily gig - furnishings and decor. Let me tell you, it hasn’t been easy. It is WORK. It’s been a long, confusing and often times stressful process of daily on-going research to find the products that we feel are the best choices for our family - with the information that we have gathered - to the best of our knowledge. Through all of this, I have realized that the tiny humans I am designing interior spaces for are the most susceptible to the negative effects of pollutants as they are growing and developing, so ensuring that their surroundings and the air they breathe is the most non-toxic as possible is my FOCUS and sharing this information with as many people as I can is my PURPOSE.


I felt the need to stay connected and share not only my design expertise with you, but also how to implement a safer space for your family as well. I realized that “just designing” only allows me to serve the handful of local clients that I’m so fortunate to work with and this topic is so incredibly important that I knew it needed to be shared with a wider audience. I’ll be bringing you design inspiration and words from like-minded brands to help you take on your own special project, whether it’s your kids room or another space in your home, and feel good about the furnishings you’ve selected. This new site was designed to give you the opportunity to ask questions or share your experiences with me so that we can all learn and grow together. In the hopes that one day we won’t need to stay up all night for days and even months on end researching what our furnishings are made of because non-toxic will be the norm. Clearly super far down the road but…..there is always hope.

This new journey has been a true labor of love and countless hours of work and research has finally brought me to launch day! With the launch of my new blog I’ve also re-branded my business. If you’ve been following me at all, you’ve probably noticed my new logo. I always thought that a rocking horse icon would be perfect for Rockabye Mommy and now was the perfect time to introduce it. I hope you love it as much as I do. I hope you all find something that is valuable and inspires you on this site every day, and find this a place where you can learn, share and we can grow together towards a healthier home. If you have any questions or topics you want me to cover please feel free to comment below and don’t forget to join the list so you never miss a post!

Stay classy and thanks for stopping by!

xo - stephanie