All About That Neon

Bringing those 80′s brights into your kids room might sound a little crazy but there are a million great products out there that will help bring neon into your room decor in a modern fashion. One of my all time favorite girls rooms is this one for Laura Garcia’s daughter Georgiana. An oversize neon pink Elizabeth Taylor print? It’s perfect and so glam! Just the perfect amount of neon against the subdued grey walls adds a burst of color without being overwhelming. I’ve gathered a few other rooms to bring you some neon inspiration. Hot pink lockers as storage is a cool look to hide all those toys and is an unexpected furniture idea. I can’t get enough of hot pink stripes! I’ve done this more than once in a girls room and trust me, I’ll do it again! #sohaute. My curated board of neon decor ideas includes #3 Animal wall hook which is a fun DIY project. You can take your childs’ old dinosaurs or animal toys, spray paint them and use as a wall hook as shown here. #4 crib by Kalon Studios, #6 lime green and gold pillow by Sukan, and #7 milk crates from Land of Nod. If you have a neon color scheme in your kids room, send me photos for a chance to be featured in an upcoming post!

Light Fixture DO's & DONT's to Brighten your Day

Light fixtures have come a long way and there are so many fabulous options available for you to create a point of interest in your kids room. A unique light fixture is a great idea in any room but knowing what size is best and how to hang them can be tricky. I love using over-sized pieces in larger bedrooms to really pack a design punch! But in some cases, less can be more. So, here are a few do’s and dont’s I came up with in deciding which size works best: DO make sure size is right. Measure the size of your room in feet. For example, 10′x15′. Then, add those two measurements together (10+15) and convert to inches. So, 25″ would be your balanced light fixture diameter size based on the size of your room. Now, this is just my personal rule of thumb and depending on the room and look you’re going for, this rule can be flexible. I mainly apply it to bedrooms only, (as a dining room fixture should meet the scale of your dining table). But it at least gives you a starting point right?! DO make sure that it’s hung at a height visually appropriate and so that it lights up the area well. But DON’T hang it so low that you would hit your head walking under it. DO center the fixture in the room for an even distribution of light. DON’T limit yourself to one large fixture in the room. Combining two or three of the same piece and hanging at staggered heights is a fun look. DON’T be afraid to experiment with styles. Sometimes a modern chandelier can look great in a more traditional room, and a vintage piece can look terrific in a contemporary room. DO install dimmer switches on every chandelier in your home. They’re great for creating ambiance and offering a more flattering light. Here are a few great lighting ideas I’ve rounded up to give you some inspiration and brighten your day!

How to take risks with paint

With just a few coats of a pretty new hue you can completely revamp your space. Easier said than done because I know how often your mind can be changed when it comes to making a paint color decision! It’s the never ending battle of do I or don’t I? You see something you like on Pinterest, or maybe even something your fave designer (ah-hem) has done and decide that this is it. You’ve finally made up your mind, 100% confident and not turning back. You head down to your local paint store, pick up a sample and then…..chicken out. And guess what, that’s OK! Because sometimes you just need some time to process this life changing decision (clearly jk). Rest assured that your original idea is probably what you should follow through with. Or, a version of that idea at least. My rule of thumb is to always go with your first instincts. Because 1) That is what you are really drawn to. And 2) You will always wonder what it would have looked like. And you don’t need those kinds of thoughts filling your brain on the daily, you’ve got other important things to think about. SO, I’m here to tell you, O’ brave one, that just going for it with a bold new paint color is worth the risk and if you don’t believe me, here are 10 examples to prove it. From painted floors, bright walls, a pink ceiling, ombre style and bright moulding & baseboards (see another super-duper example here) these rooms will show you that a little bold paint can go a long way. Wondering which paint brand to use? While we use a few different sources, my favorite and go-t0 is Ecos Paints. Because whether I’m designing a nursery, kids room or your family room, the healthiest and safest choice is the Eco-Friendly, non-toxic line of paint from Ecos.

Want to be featured on The RM Report? Send me your completed paint projects and I’ll share with our readers!

10 easy room makeover ideas

Spring is the time for cleaning out your old and unused items and redecorating! This can be super fun but you’ll need a plan of attack. I’ve got a few fast and easy makeover ideas to refresh your kids room and make you feel like a Spring cleaning queen!

1-Add a little wallpaper: I know I’ve said this time and time again, but I can’t help it because it really is a quick update. This time, instead of wallpapering a wall in the bedroom, use it for the closet. Choose a bright, fun pattern so that every time you open those doors it’ll bring a smile to your face. 2-Add contrast with paint: Choose a dark chocolate brown or a pop of color for your baseboards. It’s like applying eyeliner, it’ll make your walls pop. 3-Consider the space overhead: Don’t forget to give your ceiling some love too! A fun DIY is to add gold or silver stars to your ceiling with rubber stamps and metallic ink pad. If that’s not up your alley, at least tint your white ceiling color with a dallop of the wall color to add a sweet shade. 4-Re-think that empty wall: No wall should be left undressed, so gather up your most precious photos and frame them to create a gallery wall of family memories in your kids room. Add bright colored frames for a fun look. 5-Add tassel or fringe: It’s like the icing on the cake and everything always looks better with fringe! Add it to a lampshade or even to the edges of the drapery. 6-Switch out the knobs & pulls: Out with the old wood finish drawer knob and in with the new statement hardware! This can really change the look of your furniture instantly and it costs very little. My fave places for cool hardware are Anthropologie and Hobby Lobby. 7-Stylishly Organized: Pick up those toys on the floor and store them in kid friendly bins that you wont mind leaving out for display. These raccoon bins from The Container Store are totes adorb! 8-Go Angular: Rearrange the furniture in the room for a whole new look. By placing the crib or bed on an angle, you’ll change the whole dynamic of the room. 9-Add a bold light fixture: With so many lighting options you will easily find something unique to replace your old fixture with. A quick and simple change that will give the room a whole new feel. 10-Treat the floor: Add a new rug and bring life to your floor with a stripe or a mix of pattern. I love this glamour girl rug for a girls room. Your floors never looked so glam! I hope you’ll try one of these easy tips for a quick room make over in your home. Let me know how it works out. Good luck!

Primary Color kids rooms that I love

Primary colors have always reminded me of elementary school. Why? Because everything in those classrooms from the carpet to the chairs, walls and posters are in primary colors! Or the Circus. Yep, definitely reminds me of that one time I sat front and center at Barnum & Bailey (that one time). My first instinct is to run for the hills when someone tells me they want to use red yellow and blue together in their kids room UNTIL I came across these RYB beauties! I much prefer uniquely colored kids rooms like the ones here, so I was very surprised when I came across a few rooms that I really liked using primary colorsas the color palette. I think what I like about these rooms is that the interiors are so well designed and there are so many layers that RYB isn’t such a slamming statement. Don’t get me wrong, it’s super clear that RYB is used consistently throughout however, the elements, details and features take center stage. Take the rope cord bookcase for example. Your eye focuses on the creativity of that DIY bookcase and reminds you that the creative possibilities are endless! I’m also realizing that adding black really makes these colors look more modern than Jackson Pollack-ish. Like the black chalkboard wall in Mason & Penelope’s playroom. This playroom is so fabulously RYB and I love it. The magnetic car art….I mean, C’MON how adorable and creative is that!?! A total work of art. I love these playrooms and yes, they’re decorated with nothing but my least favorite RYB. So I humbly step back and re-consider my stance on this primary color topic. You might see a nursery room pulled out from under my sleeve soon just so that I can take a stab at making this work! I’ll keep you posted ;)